Calm before the storm

I didn’t make it to weigh in yesterday. I was full of good intentions but it didn’t happen so my next weigh in will be 11th November. This is scary to me as I need a regular weigh in to keep me in check but I am focusing on the feeling of stepping on the […]

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Pushing through the boredom

I don’t know if everyone is the same but a few months into a diet and I get so bored. I’m fairly well trained these days so know the dangers of quiting and how quickly my body absorbs the bad food I eat. No danger of completely falling off the wagon but I just get […]

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For fun

Ahhh I discovered! You put your weight or weight lost/to go in and it gives you funny comparisons. So my weight lost so far is 27 basketballs. My weight to go 711 roses. Whilst it is just a bit of fun, I love it in group when the leader brings the fat. Helen had […]

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Time to dust off the fitbit

Annette has worked her magic and I’m slowly starting to feel less like an ironing board. Time to get the fitbit charged and get back to walking my 10,000 a day. I think it’s going to seem really hard again but I’m loving the feature where you can put a photo behind the stats 😍. […]

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The best time

I got lots of activity points last night at “fireball” in Leeds. We were all 15 years old again watching our favourite bands live. Mad Caddies and Reel Big Fish were incredible and didn’t disappoint as always. Dancing is actually a really good calorie burner if you really go for it. Google informs me upwards […]

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Back to basics

In my determination to be good on holiday, I want to bottle how bad I feel this morning after a day off plan and remember it next time I want a full day off. 🤢. Everything in moderation would be fine but for some stupid reason I turn into a kid in a sweet shop […]

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Weigh day

I’ve home weighed this morning as my back is so sore, Annette from the Village Midwives is coming to give me a postnatal sort out. I think my scales were fairly in line with Helen’s though and I weighed on two sets and took the highest reading to make it 1 not 1.5. I am […]

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Shallow Hal

With America ever looming I have been researching foods and brands to look out for to keep me in check. The thing my fellow American ww’ s seem to enjoy the most is Halo Top icecream so that is firmly top of the list. It is really low points and there are some really interesting […]

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I’m going to give the calm app a whirl. I’ve been feeling really good since having Wilf but don’t want the world’s stresses to bring me down at anypoint. A few moments a day of breathing and mindful serenity do wonders and better to get in the habit rather than waiting until you feel really […]

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My obsession continues, I am a butternutter. I eat butternut squash at least 3 times a week. My Sainsbury’s order picker must be on my wavelength as some beasts were delivered this week. Last night for tea was lo-dough pizza with smaller cubes done in the actifry and were super delicious. (Everything is “super” right […]

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