I’m going to give the calm app a whirl. I’ve been feeling really good since having Wilf but don’t want the world’s stresses to bring me down at anypoint. A few moments a day of breathing and mindful serenity do wonders and better to get in the habit rather than waiting until you feel really stressed and need it.

I have some Epsom salts to add to the bath so when my swish new hair has had some decent outings, I will partake in that too. Really ready for my back to stop hurting so I can get cracking with the exercise again.

I picked up my retrofromscratch diary today from the sorting office 😍. I really enjoy the ww app for tracking but for me, you can’t beat writing it down. I love having a diary to write it in and anything that worked well/didn’t etc. It’s really great to look back on too and see what you weighed and were eating. No excuses now, if I bite it, I will write it!

To make a change I had butternut squash for tea 😂. A “tossed” inspired wrap was on the side which was amazing. Chargrilled veg, spinach, falafel and lighter mayo.

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