Blind weigh

I have been reading about a blind weigh in and am wondering if it would work for me or not? Basically it’s as it sounds so you go to group every week but the leader just writes it and doesn’t tell you how you have done. It’s then up to you when you check. (Weeks, […]

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Shock factor

I really enjoy the talk at weight watchers. It really gets you set for the week ahead and can be useful to find out tips and tricks. This week’s was particularly shocking as my leader had some bags of chocolate (boosts and those mini digestive biscuit balls) and told us the point value! Wow, I […]

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Little roundup

So my blog is something I am really enjoying writing and it’s 100 percent making me think about my food choices and exercise. I lost another 1.5 this week Whoop! This week I have decided to follow “no count” for the majority of the week and see if it helps give me a big loss […]

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Food glorious food

So prawns it turns out are only 1 smartpoint per 150g which is the whole tub in Sainsbury’s! I had an amazing lunch with stir fry and half a pack of rice noodles making a total of 7 points. I love finding low pointed gems! I made up for my lazy steps somewhat and hit […]

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I had a bad day yesterday. No excuses are good enough to justify it, I just kept finding myself biting without writing so I’ve literally no idea how many points I had in the end. I also failed for the first day in my step challenge so feel rubbish! Anyway onwards and upwards. Steps to […]

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Mind mapping

During the short amount of therapy I had, we used mind mapping to really get to the nitty gritty of what was causing my anxiety. I found it to be such a positive experience and it really felt like a weight had been lifted, emptying my mind onto the page and linking thought processes. It’s […]

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I didn’t track yesterday and have full guilt this morning as I know I went over my points. So today every bite I will write! No excuses, I was busy but could have easily tracked. On the plus side we did have a take away as it was 9pm by the time the tiny humans […]

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A short snappy Saturday post in my slightly hungover haze. Does a countdown help or hinder? Thinking back to all the diets I’ve done, I can only think of one time when a countdown did force me into action. Normally if I know I only have a certain amount of days until an event I […]

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To substitute or not

I have been wondering if it is best on a diet to find low point alternatives to your favourite treat foods or go full cold turkey, literally, and eat green and lean? I figured maybe it is best to experiment with both options and see the difference on the scales and my sanity. After all […]

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Weekly weigh in

I am chuffed with that. Friday night was fully over my points so I think that is a respectable figure and reflects my effort level. In short (I promise!) 1. Butternut squash has been consumed in vast quantities this week and I honestly haven’t missed the slimming world potato actifry chips. It seems to fill […]

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