Weekly weigh in

I am chuffed with that. Friday night was fully over my points so I think that is a respectable figure and reflects my effort level.

In short (I promise!)

1. Butternut squash has been consumed in vast quantities this week and I honestly haven’t missed the slimming world potato actifry chips. It seems to fill you up well and you can use it instead of most staples.

2. I have been honest with my tracking and planned meals so I know what points I’m playing with.

3. I’ve fully embraced social media, thrown myself into blogging and have become slightly obsessed with following others on Instagram. Some amazing food ideas and just general inspiration to be had!

4. The biggest change though has been the exercise. I’ve not fitted in as many gym sessions as I’d like but the commitment to 10,000 steps has been a game changer!

So as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I do often ponder how long it did take to build though, might be good for a comparison purposes… Ahh a quick Google suggests 276 years (on account of all the sacking). Hoping my bikini body is more like 276 days!

-30 lb to date, 42 to go!

Mini goals:

-5.5 lb to get a silver 7

-9lb to get 5%

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