So I have rejoined for the last time. I will sit in that group as a gold member in 2018 🙋🏻‍♀️. SW we have got this. I am pleased to have done it today so I can kick January off with a big fat loss on 6th January. So I am going to approach this […]

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Reflection and goals

I find this time of year truly bizarre. As the latest Nationwide advert calls it the “Chrimbo Limbo.” In some respects it is fantastic, days at home with the family as a whole, Mum off work to see her Grandchildren lots, family around who you rarely see but somehow I find myself hating it in […]

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Well that’s another Christmas over and another year I’ve eaten to excess and made myself feel ill! 🤦‍♂️ I feel vile but I have drawn a line in the sand and I am fully ready to be back on it tomorrow. It’s really not long until the big 3-0 so I need to stop messing […]

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I really enjoyed my PT yesterday morning  and took the plunge and fully joined the gym to ramp up my exercise from January. 3 pre 7am workouts per week. 🏋️‍♂️ Looking forward to it in a weird way! Why not be the best version of yourself? i can really feel it in my legs today. […]

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how many sleeps?

Does anyone else feel like their head is swimming? I feel like I have loads to do but not entirely sure what? Certainly wrapped a fair amount so don’t think anyone has been forgotten. We don’t have to cook at all this year so it’s weird to bypass the dreaded Christmas shop or heavily substituted […]

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Let’s smash this

I’m ready to make this last week count. I’m feeling more human and motivated and pumped. After my PT on Thursday morning I am joining the gym eeek! Maybe the only mental person to join 3 days before Christmas but there you go! I love my PT sessions and love going at the crack of […]

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Urgh we are fully the house of germs and nasty colds. I long for the days of going to bed all day when feeling rough 😂. It has meant I have eaten some convenience food over wise choices and feel flabby and disgusting. Today is a new day though so I have woken up and […]

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Epsom salts

I have talked about epsom salts before but I really can’t recommend them enough after a hard day. Especially when you have been physically tense. I have a bad habit of driving really tensed up at night. Think it’s because I have to wear my glasses and just generally feel a bit weird so can […]

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Illness everywhere

This time of year is the worst for children being poorly. We literally get over one cold and fall into the next one. Aaaah! It has meant I haven’t been as active as I would have liked but my food has generally been on plan so at least I’m in control of something. (The twirls […]

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I love starting fresh on a Monday. I dread to think how many Monday’s I’ve started again on, eeek.  I’m fully into my speed and protein day though with eggs and bacon for breakfast and chicken and ham concoction for lunch. Meat and lots of veg for tea and I know I will feel better […]

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