Reflection and goals

I find this time of year truly bizarre. As the latest Nationwide advert calls it the “Chrimbo Limbo.” In some respects it is fantastic, days at home with the family as a whole, Mum off work to see her Grandchildren lots, family around who you rarely see but somehow I find myself hating it in some respects (not for any of the above reasons I hasten to add!) Christmas is over and the January reset seems so far away. I am chomping at the bit to kick start 2018, yet feel sad that another year has ticked by in the blink of an eye. I am blessed to have such a wonderful family around me and am grateful beyond belief to be lucky enough to have three grandparents still with me, two round the corner. I do find myself missing the fourth more at this time of year, perhaps because we would have seen him most years at Christmas, who knows, all i do know is time is unbelievably precious so never take it or anyone for granted! I have such wonderful childhood memories with my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles so it is really lovely to see my children make some of the same memories with some of them and new memories with their amazingly high number of aunts,uncles and grandparents on both sides of the family. Lunch club makes my week Sal and Hannah, even if Pete refuses to offer service with a smile. Grandad, the wop wop or wup wup helicopter conversation will never get old for me or Georgie!


So reflections out of the way, lets talk goals… my cook books have been out, my plans written down and goals set. Stone off January is my initial goal weight wise with three gym sessions per week to stick to. My mind is fully on it, I know it will click into place. Slimming World for the win from Saturday and a 12 week countdown will be purchased. I mean business. It is all such a mind game and I may sometimes lose the battle but I will win the war! I am doing away with cheat days too as much as I can help it. I am sure if I just use my syns each day for treats, I will not feel the need for a full Saturday of over indulgence, desperately shoveling things in as I know I can’t eat them all week. What a fool!


My secret Santa bought me a set of Blom Cards as part of the present and they are really lovely. “Blom- derived from the Scandanavian word ‘Blomstre’ to bloom. To Flourish.” #blomcards. They are gorgeously presented cards with psychology at their core and the idea is you focus on one as and when you need to. I am all for mindfulness and find some of these really similar to the mindset I had for hypnobirthing. I was in the best head-space of my life during that time so am sincerely grateful as it reminds me of the importance of mindfulness and self kindness. I have struggled to pick my favourites so have included a few. My goal with mindfulness is therefore to let things go. 2018 will not be filled with worry about things beyond my control.


I already feel better after writing about the weird “Chrimbo Limbo.” Clearing your head on paper can be so therapeutic.  2018 I am coming for you!

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