Comfort food

How cold? I didn’t fancy my usual weetabix for 6 sp this morning so instead went for 2 eggs fried in fry light and 2 Irish potato thins (did they not used to be farls?) For 7 sp. Thanks Georgina, they are still one of my all-time favourites and make me think of Victoria Street! […]

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Peaky Wednesday

As I struggle to walk through this week from PT, I’ve tried to keep moving to try and get this pesky weekend weight off. This weekend I don’t have anything social I need to eat at so I am really hoping to finally make a decent dent in the weight loss. Feel like I’ve been […]

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PT survived

So this morning was my first official session with Kellie and it was great. It’s the perfect level of killer/rest so just when I think I can’t handle it, a rest resets my mind! Can’t wait to keep getting fitter and push myself more. She is fab! It’s really odd going so early though, I […]

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Step outside your comfort zone

I get way too fixated on the scales so every now and again love to focus on something non scale related. Tomorrow sees my first PT session and I’m glad I survived the fitness test so know I can get fit again, no matter how hard the sessions get. There are so many amazing memes […]

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Wah wah waaaaaah

It was a big fat 1 on. I am disappointed in myself but onwards and upwards. I’ve only got a meal out tonight and that’s it for socialising so I am going to flex my way to a fabulous loss on Saturday.  I deserved it as I scraped a loss last week when I shouldn’t […]

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The night before 

My goodness was I pleased to see bedtime for the boys tonight. After being poorly I swear they get the energy they were lacking in one giant burst. I enjoyed my solo trip to Aldi this evening as much as a spa day. 😂 Food has for the most part been on point today. I’m […]

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What a day

Had to leave the house today before we all went mental so attempted a shopping trip which ended badly 🙈. Coughing lead to puke from the three year old all over Marks and Spencers. They literally couldn’t have been any sweeter though so I didn’t completely die of embarrassment.  It was a successful trip in […]

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Day 3…

Poorly children are the worst. There’s little you can do to help and it’s just the hardest to keep them happy and entertained, I really can’t take much more frozen. I’m really getting cabin fever too, starting to imagine the big brother narration “day 3 in the Adams’ house.” Anyway I have had the chance […]

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I survived my fitness test! Hurrah! There’s something amazing about walking back through the door just after 7am, fitness for the day done! How good is that? Kellie is so encouraging I can’t wait to go to my next session next week! I am going to be stiff as I used muscles that haven’t seen […]



I’ve finally had five minutes spare to look at the new flex plan and do a shop. It is exciting as I think it will lead me down some new food paths. Never really eaten chick peas or lentils before. Today’s food plan- wheat biscuits with skimmed milk for breakfast. Seafood salad for lunch with […]

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