PT survived

So this morning was my first official session with Kellie and it was great. It’s the perfect level of killer/rest so just when I think I can’t handle it, a rest resets my mind! Can’t wait to keep getting fitter and push myself more. She is fab! It’s really odd going so early though, I was home by 7.05 am so got into bed with my toddler and by the time we had breakfast, if felt like my PT session was yesterday 😂. If anyone has any classes they would recommend let me know. Maybe spin, lbt something like that in Spalding or nearby.

I then had a lovely walk around Bourne woods with some other fabulous mums. Was so nice to be out in nature having a natter and burning a few more calories! (Well until the gorgeous cake Hayley made but it’s well deserved today 😂.)

Food this week is as much free food before points as possible to try and damage control the weekend (again!) Really want a loss on Saturday, no matter how small so lots of effort going in. 

I literally can’t believe how quickly Christmas is coming. Better get the house square ready for decorations!

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