Step outside your comfort zone

I get way too fixated on the scales so every now and again love to focus on something non scale related. Tomorrow sees my first PT session and I’m glad I survived the fitness test so know I can get fit again, no matter how hard the sessions get. There are so many amazing memes about lapping the couch, starting somewhere etc and it’s all true. You just have to gain the confidence to step through the scary gym door, in this case to a really friendly bunch of people!

With party season firmly upon us I wanted some new threads and set myself the challenge of steering clear of my normal style in black. I’m the queen of black clothing, dresses in particular. It’s hard as you tend to know what shape makes you look the slimmest but I went to John Lewis and picked an armful of dresses and other things I liked but would normally dismiss for whatever reason. It was really fun actually which is rare for me to say after a changing room stint.  A lot of the things I tried really didn’t work but a couple really did including a jumpsuit and a bodycon! I’ve never owned a jumpsuit as normally end up with a huge tyre round the middle and a weird camel toe situation but this fitted like a glove and was the comfiest thing I’ve ever put on! Win!

As I always say, just because you are not the weight you want to be, doesn’t mean you somehow don’t qualify to look nice. Try a different hair style, make up, fake tan, anything!  (hello YouTube tutorials). I saw Giovanna had done plaits round her head as she needed to wash her hair so gave it a go. It’s messy and my hair is too short but I found it looks ok and beats a ponytail in similar time. Winner! 

I’ve jumped out of my comfort zone as enthusiastically as peppa jumps in muddy puddles and am so pleased with myself.

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