We made it to our last destination on our perfect holiday LA. It is crazy busy with traffic. Makes London sound quiet 😂. Hello kitchen whoop! We have stocked up a few meat and veg meals from Trader Joe’s so I am feeling in control again. I have definitely put weight on at the moment. […]



Sluggish doesn’t really begin to describe how I feel off plan so fully looking forward to getting back in a house tomorrow so we can go shopping and have lots and lots of veg. 😂 So goals for the week ahead. On plan 100 percent and walking a lot to try and get rid of […]

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Off plan

So I always intended to be off plan for the wedding so I am thoroughly enjoying myself. After not drinking for over a year it hit me hard and it’s only now I feel a bit more human, wonder woman needed some cocktails. 🙈 I did manage a little swim but that will be about […]

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Bye Carpinteria

Today we say goodbye to Carp and head south to San Diego for the wedding weekend. I feel quite sad the first part of our trip is over as it’s just so gorgeous here. I will miss the sound of the ocean lapping at night and the small town charm. We most definitely will be […]

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Thirsty Thursday

It’s a tiny bit cooler today highs of 28 instead of 38 so I can ramp up my walking hopefully. Exercise has been severely limited as it is just way too hot so my main focus has been suncreaming the kids every 10 minutes 🙈. It’s been quite liberating not jumping on the scales every […]

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It was mid to high 30s yesterday here in Santa Barbara. We melted 😂. I think not having an ice-cream would have been against the law on the Wharf so I definitely slipped off the wagon. A really gentle slide off the wagon where your trainers stick to the side so it almost feels like […]

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California is so stunning. Our little town of Carpinteria reminds me of Radiator Springs or Stars Hillow. I managed a day nearly on plan yesterday. A couple of bites and no writes but for the most part it was pretty good. I had butternut squash again (yaay!) Also had some cookie dough halo top ice-cream […]

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Dressing on holiday

A hot holiday is always so appealing but when you are not the size you want to be, dressing for the weather can cause a conundrum or worse a closet tear. (So American now 😂.) Winter layering can create wonderful illusions but it’s a lot harder in summer clothes eh? I have always had fat […]

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Made it

I would say that wasn’t the worst experience of my life. 😂. Both boys were good with only a few wobbles so we had no complaints. Neither child slept for more than an hour but it did mean they both slept quite well until about 5am California time in our first stop. My 2 year […]

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Nightmare 🙈

Posts might be a bit sporadic whilst away as time and internet allows! Lots of nice food pics coming though for sure! Got to the airport last night to stay at the Premier Inn and neither child wanted to sleep. The eldest in the end gave us a seconds warning that he was about to […]

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