Thirsty Thursday

It’s a tiny bit cooler today highs of 28 instead of 38 so I can ramp up my walking hopefully. Exercise has been severely limited as it is just way too hot so my main focus has been suncreaming the kids every 10 minutes 🙈.

It’s been quite liberating not jumping on the scales every morning although also terrifying as I’ve no idea if I’m on track or piling it on. I’ve not been an angel but I have been making wise choices and haven’t eaten loads. We bought crispy m&m’s for our little boy and they have been in the fridge all week which is crazy for me. I don’t feel sluggish so I’m hopeful I am doing ok.

We are hitting a mall today to get Halloween costumes. My little boy has requested super heroes so I really hope we can find adult versions as my husband as superman would be hilarious!

If you are ever in Santa Barbara with kids I highly recommend visiting the Moxi museum. My little boy loved it so much we struggled to get him out when it was time to leave. Really interactive with lots to touch,make and do!

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