Bye Carpinteria

Today we say goodbye to Carp and head south to San Diego for the wedding weekend. I feel quite sad the first part of our trip is over as it’s just so gorgeous here. I will miss the sound of the ocean lapping at night and the small town charm. We most definitely will be back in the future.

I am proud of my efforts on the diet here though and feel inspired to keep it up all holiday, wedding day excluded of course. It actually is easy to make wise choices as despite all the really unhealthy options, dieters are catered for in all restaurants and supermarkets.

So Halloween pre wedding party tonight and I am going as wonder woman. She was amizonian so I’m a slightly chunky monkey version but that’s ok, I can pretend it’s muscle 😂🙈.

I can’t wait to get the rest of the weight off so I feel confident in my own skin. I don’t know about anyone else but it pretty much consumes all my thoughts and I really wish it didn’t. I sincerely hope that I stop sweating the small stuff and dwelling on how I look when I am slimmer as it’s exhausting! I saw this picture today and am trying to mantra it as a positive mind is a more proactive mind.

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