Made it

I would say that wasn’t the worst experience of my life. πŸ˜‚. Both boys were good with only a few wobbles so we had no complaints. Neither child slept for more than an hour but it did mean they both slept quite well until about 5am California time in our first stop. My 2 year old also decided he was scared when he wasn’t in his seat which worked in our favour as we didn’t have to chase him down the aisles at all.

Food wise you are at the mercy of the airline but I had requested low fat. It was a chicken tagine with giant cous cous as the main meal and was quite tasty! We have no supplies today so I will try my best to eat a decent breakfast and then go to a supermarket so I know I’m fully on track.

My first observation was noticing quite how rude us Brits are. On the bus to get our hire car everyone was so friendly and kind. In England it would be rare to strike up a conversation, generally unless it was to moan about the service πŸ˜‚. Anyone who was overly chatty you would assume were on the make or something. I am ready to fully embrace the American way and be super friendly.

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