Dressing on holiday

A hot holiday is always so appealing but when you are not the size you want to be, dressing for the weather can cause a conundrum or worse a closet tear. (So American now 😂.) Winter layering can create wonderful illusions but it’s a lot harder in summer clothes eh?

I have always had fat thighs even when slim they meet at the top, a thigh gap would be completely unachievable for my body shape and genes sadly (the Clarke family “issue” from my dad before you kick off at the suggestion you have it SPC.) This causes such a problemo in hot weather as I long to skip out in a dress or skirt and keep nice and cool but it is just too uncomfortable. So I have to spanx, cycling short or leggings it up if a skirt is on the menu. As uncle Ben taught my toddler “blimey what a fiasco.”

An afternoon at the beach was lovely yesterday meeting up with family, some serious body goals going on but also I noticed a lady in a bikini who was thoroughly enjoying the sea and sunbathing who wasn’t slim. She was exuding confidence which made me feel envious I couldn’t ever do the same. My legs work, I can walk, run, skip and hop so I should be truly grateful.

Today I am 100 percent on plan and will smash 10,000 steps. Too much bread has made me look 6 months pregnant so time to flush the toxins and get rid of the bloat ready for the wedding on Saturday!

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