California is so stunning. Our little town of Carpinteria reminds me of Radiator Springs or Stars Hillow. I managed a day nearly on plan yesterday. A couple of bites and no writes but for the most part it was pretty good. I had butternut squash again (yaay!) Also had some cookie dough halo top ice-cream and it is amazing!! I walked 12,000 steps but hadn’t done a sync so the time zone was wrong and now it’s split it over two days doh!

The tiny humans are still all over the place with sleep but the toddler is still asleep at 6am so I feel like we are winning! The 5am starts were a struggle as I was starving and had to try hard not to have eaten breakfast and lunch by 10am 🙈.

First experience of Target yesterday and it was pretty epic! I wish we had the luggage space to Christmas shop as the toys are soooooo much cheaper. Nevermind!

Today’s plan of action: 10,000 plus steps, on plan (although at family’s for tea so will try my best to be low carb) and some squats!

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