Peaky Wednesday

As I struggle to walk through this week from PT, I’ve tried to keep moving to try and get this pesky weekend weight off. This weekend I don’t have anything social I need to eat at so I am really hoping to finally make a decent dent in the weight loss. Feel like I’ve been stuck around this weight for about 2 weeks now minus half a pound then a pound on which is annoying. Looking at the bigger picture I could easily put half a stone on with all Christmas temptation but it’s still annoying as I feel like I’ve got so far to go, a few weeks messing about isn’t really on the agenda!

I haven’t tracked every bite so today I’ve got the diary out on the table and will write it all down. Fingers crossed it means a little loss on the scales in the morning to keep me motivated until Saturday’s weigh in!

More importantly its peaky blinders Wednesday woohoo! Watching the clip for this week it looks like it will be fairly epic. Last week’s was the best TV episode I’ve ever seen from any program I’d say!

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