Comfort food

How cold? I didn’t fancy my usual weetabix for 6 sp this morning so instead went for 2 eggs fried in fry light and 2 Irish potato thins (did they not used to be farls?) For 7 sp. Thanks Georgina, they are still one of my all-time favourites and make me think of Victoria Street! It was just the perfect stodge for such a chilly morning. 

Yesterday tracking really helped me re focus and it paid off as I am finally back to what the scales said on Saturday 🙈hurrah. I think it is all in the mind and by writing it down, you almost feel embarrassed for yourself writing down bad food. So I tend to find that goes one of two ways, you don’t eat it or you eat it and leave it off the tracker hoping if it’s not documented it didn’t happen. The latter is the reason your scales don’t tumble and is conveniently forgotten on weigh day when you are perplexed at your angel like behaviour and no loss. 🙈 It’s all about seasoning as let’s be honest, plain chicken breast with vegetables every night is a bore. JD seasoning pots are really helping me!

Everyone I speak to is struggling this time of year and my inner fat girl is desperately trying to convince me to switch to a maintain month and just damage control my way through December. I say sod off Linda (I don’t know why but I want to call my inner fat girl Linda today 🙈,sleep deprivation is a weirdo.) A whole month bar two days at Christmas and three nights out. Why let 5/31 be the winner? It will feel amazing going into January on the front foot ready for a brutal dieting month so onwards I go! 

(One farl consumed whilst making said breakfast hence only one on the plate.)

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