Last month of the year and I always think they save the best until last. I find it incredibly nostalgic, especially  with the Christmas songs of your childhood on loop. Dieting can be a nightmare but only if you let it! My two tracking days are already showing on the scales which is really motivating me. I’ve set myself the little challenge of remaining firmly in this stone bracket for the rest of the month as my little gain last weekend saw me back up on the dot of the next stone bracket which is pants! Linda will not defeat me!

I wasn’t thrilled that my littlest one decided to wake 59 million times in the night, the week after he’s moved into his room too so it meant delving out of the covers and into the fresh air of the night. (Not literally, he is still allowed to sleep in the house.) It’s freezing in the hallway! Lots of moving though to keep warm so got to help 😂. I am going to get my Fitbit charged and back in the habbit of wearing it to keep myself challenged and moving. 

I’ve also set the challenge to track this weekend. In all honesty it might be a first as I tend to relax it off. I know it will make a massive difference though if I have a full flex week so needs must! I will get planning this afternoon and get the food in so Linda doesn’t try and tempt me with a dominos or something!

We are doing elf on the shelf and my three year old has named him “Pumpy” (wtf?) So it was fun getting him in his first location. He’s a bit too practically minded to buy into it though, exclaiming daddy was silly for putting him on the light 😂.

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