I’ve finally had five minutes spare to look at the new flex plan and do a shop. It is exciting as I think it will lead me down some new food paths. Never really eaten chick peas or lentils before.

Today’s food plan- wheat biscuits with skimmed milk for breakfast.

Seafood salad for lunch with shellfish, spinach leaves, fine beans, eggs and a squirt of balsamic vinegar to top it off. All now free on weight watchers!

Dinner- turkey mince burgers (made with turkey breast mince, herbs and onions), spring greens, butternut squash chips and corn on the cob. (Small spread will be pointed). Other than the spread, all free again!

Snacks- chicken breast slices, weight watcher crisps and if I’m struggling a bowl of carrot and lentil soup. Fat free yoghurt with a dash of fruit syrup for a low pointed pudding.

After a heavy weekend, unfortunately I will not be on for a big loss. This morning I’m up 2 on my scales. Flex will hopefully damage control but I am more than happy with the above and similar all week. If I ate all snacks and including breakfast, it’s about 10-11 points. I can use up to 23 daily points but as you can see, I really won’t need to!

So this week I need to try and eat until satisfied not binge on all the free food. My first PT session is 6.30 am tomorrow so will report back on that 🤦‍♂️. Exciting!

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