It’s all fun and games until you have to be a Mum first thing

Had a lovely time with some of my besties “out,out” last night so was fully off plan with food and drink. I really enjoyed myself and didn’t let it worry me at all as I think you need to have time out every now and again.

Waking up was another story though, it’s such a cruel joke that hangovers get worse the older you get. Gone are the days of springing out of bed at 7am fresh as a daisy. I really could have shed a little tear I felt that bad and had to sit outside on the bench for a bit this morning in an attempt to feel human. 🤦‍♂️

Looking through my flex plan book I am really excited to make the 0 pointed pancakes this week. The talk was really good and I’m thrilled that they have done away with a daily minimum spend on points. For health Helen suggested making 10 points a base line but you don’t have to eat your points for the sake of it anymore. This did used to wind me up as if you’ve gone for a really lean green day, you would be clawing junk in of an evening to make up your points. I will play around a bit with points but I love all the new free food so will happily make up my meals with that first.

I have something on every weekend now until Christmas so I do want a stone off but I just want to keep losing anything each week to keep the momentum going.

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