Weigh in

I’ve weighed in a day early as I can’t make group tomorrow morning and I’ve somehow scraped half a pound off. I don’t deserve it so know I’ve got to be fully on the plan this week to make sure the gain doesn’t show itself next week on the scales. I’m over the moon but […]

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I rolled my lardy, cake overloaded backside to the gym this morning to discuss a plan with Kellie for PT. I am really excited as think it’s the kick I need to get me a bit more into fitness full stop. First session is Tuesday at 6.30 am πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ. In the end I had to […]



It’s a real cake week as we celebrate with different people my son turning 3. I would say cake is possibly my favourite naughty food so it’s been really hard for me. I have had a few bites and slices which is annoying but it’s all I can think about when it’s in the house. […]

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How cold?

It feels so much like winter this week, seems to have hit all of a sudden. I am desperately resisting temptation with regards to birthday cake. I did have a little yesterday and it doesn’t seem to have done damage on the scales so need to avoid it for the rest of the week! I […]

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Party party

Ah kids parties, mental places. Slight workout through soft play at times and managed to avoid all food so feeling pleased! My little one had the best time with some of his besties. Lots of negativity going on about the new plan, so annoying how people won’t give it a go and just moan. The […]

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Post holiday weigh

I weighed in with Helen and lost 1lb so I am thrilled. It teetered between two weights so was nearly 1.5 πŸ˜‚. This got my my first silver 7 with weight watchers this time round and makes it 34.5 lb off total and 41 to go. I had a brief chat regarding the new plan […]

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Goal digger

I am so excited about my weigh in tomorrow. I don’t think we will get told of any changes to the plan until next week but it will feel amazing to step on the scales. It’s so hard when you have a lot of weight to lose to not get disheartened when it’s not coming […]

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Dreaded C word

Yes I’m that person that does their Christmas shopping in early November. Sorry not sorry πŸ˜‚. I walked for miles, mainly round John Lewis and it was lovely. I have made a big dent in the list and gained lots of activity points as I hardly sat down in 6 hours of shopping. If you […]

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Blowing the cobwebs out

In an attempt to tire the toddler out today we went to Baytree and played outdoors for over an hour. It was fresh but I absolutely love the feeling of being outside when it’s crisp and with a cuppa, even better. I didn’t move much so more of a mind cleanse than exercise but this […]

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