I rolled my lardy, cake overloaded backside to the gym this morning to discuss a plan with Kellie for PT. I am really excited as think it’s the kick I need to get me a bit more into fitness full stop. First session is Tuesday at 6.30 am 🤦‍♂️.

In the end I had to throw the cake in the bin and really press it down to make sure I wouldn’t be tempted to get it back out. I just can’t leave it alone when it’s in the house so I’ve had to accept that it most likely will be a gain for me this week. I’m trying not to dwell too much as I haven’t completely gone wild, my meals have been spot on. Just the cake damage really. Could be worse but most definitely could be better.

I am really noticing a difference on the scales depending on my evening meal. If I have had a low carb meal, the scales can be down half or a pound by morning, if it includes a starchy carb, I can be up two pounds. I know daily weigh can be dangerous but I think it really shows that if I want some carbs, it really ought to be at breakfast and lunch so I’m not going to bed full and laying with all the starchy carb in my tummy. Sometimes it can be half eight before I eat at night so really can’t be good for me.

I find out about the flex plan tomorrow morning at weight watchers and plan to fully throw myself into it to get a decent loss next week. It’s my littlest boys christening on Sunday so I will make sure I make some weight watchers friendly buffet items to snaffle. Hopefully I’ll be too busy to notice the hand raised pork pies and scotch eggs. Aaaah Adams and Harlow on a diet 🤦‍♂️. (Their hand raised pork pie in photo, you can order them anywhere in country as they courier.)

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