Post holiday weigh

I weighed in with Helen and lost 1lb so I am thrilled. It teetered between two weights so was nearly 1.5 😂. This got my my first silver 7 with weight watchers this time round and makes it 34.5 lb off total and 41 to go. I had a brief chat regarding the new plan and said what I’d heard, Helen didn’t give much away as we find out next week but she is loving it so I’m really excited. Think a plan tweak can really refocus you so hoping my stone off for Christmas is totally still achievable.

A tricky week with lots of cake this week as my boy turns 3. In my current mindset I am happy to go without so fingers crossed my mindset stays in tact all week. I am going for a low carb no count week as I am only 3lb off my 5% award so would be amazing to get that in the next couple of weeks.

I really have to remind myself how badly I want this. I want to be slim so it isn’t depriving myself, it’s making wise choices. The sooner halo top arrives for my sweet option though the better!

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