Blowing the cobwebs out

In an attempt to tire the toddler out today we went to Baytree and played outdoors for over an hour. It was fresh but I absolutely love the feeling of being outside when it’s crisp and with a cuppa, even better. I didn’t move much so more of a mind cleanse than exercise but this is just as important.

I am a big worrier and have to work hard not to get in a tizz about insignificant issues. I really hate it when lies are told and told so much the person actually believes their own lies. I am working hard to let things go, my name sake from Frozen springs to mind 🙈. Let karma take care of the drama. I think some fresh air can give major prospective, especially when you are in nature, although I will miss the green leaves! So I’m appreciating the calm vibes this evening. Mad Caddies in the background with a Christmas candle!

Anyway, back to the weight loss. I am still feeling in control and merrily skipped by the gorgeous cakes. It’s such a mind game this weight loss marathon. When you are in the zone, I swear you feel thinner which is crazy but a clear mind gives you so much more confidence. Confidence as well to say “you know what, today I don’t actually want to eat a cake, I want to be thin.”

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