I can’t get my toddler back on England time so we are up most of the night watching blaze and the monster machines 🙈. Very much feel like a zombie but it’s been good for the diet as I’ve not really felt hungry so not snacked between meals at all. As Joey once said, “my pants are a little loose.”

Weight watchers is alive with rumours as the plan is getting tweaked, to be revealed in December. It often annoys me when diets change as I can’t help but wonder if it’s a money spinner to make you re-buy products. The rumours sound quite good though with more free foods to point you more towards protein and lower carbs. As you know this is my preferred method of dieting anyway so I’m hopeful it will be a positive change.

My quest to drop a stone before Santa comes continues. We had butternut chips, broccoli, broad beans and low fat sausages for lunch. Hearty food for a chilly day! Sofa snuggles with frozen on. It’s my toddlers first time watching it and we’ve been through all the emotions so far 😂.

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