Day 3…

Poorly children are the worst. There’s little you can do to help and it’s just the hardest to keep them happy and entertained, I really can’t take much more frozen. I’m really getting cabin fever too, starting to imagine the big brother narration “day 3 in the Adams’ house.” Anyway I have had the chance to cook some delicious flex meals for lunch and George made a delicious lentil chilli concoction to go with turkey burgers for tea last night. Making zero pointed meals is so far, pretty easy which is exciting.

After a full day of being good I finally feel like my stomach is going down a bit. Whenever I overindulge it goes straight there and makes me look 3 months gone. My legs are so stiff from PT I’ve definitely got a bit of a John Wayne thing going on. A pregnant looking JW😂.

I took the plunge and bought my first soup maker yesterday (via my brother, not lucky enough to leave the bb house). So I am going to make a butternut flex soup for lunch. Sad what gets you excited at nearly 30 years old.

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