The night before 

My goodness was I pleased to see bedtime for the boys tonight. After being poorly I swear they get the energy they were lacking in one giant burst. I enjoyed my solo trip to Aldi this evening as much as a spa day. 😂

Food has for the most part been on point today. I’m annoyed it will most likely be a gain in the morning as had my weekend been good last week, I think I could have had a decent loss. I’ve really enjoyed all the food I’ve eaten and not felt hungry once which is amazing for me.

 I’m not always the best at tracking. I really try but sometimes I just don’t get round to it and then forget everything I’ve had. The new plan seems to be working well though as I am attempting completely 0 point meals so that the extras during the day come out of points. It has meant I have had the odd treat but the scales have still continued to tumble. Winner winner , so many chicken dinners. 🙈(Flexers you feeling me? 😂)

I am feeling positive despite the temptation everywhere at this time of year as I believe I have entered the “chubby girl camp” and said goodbye to the “big girl” or “lovely girl” camp 😂🙈. Next stop, “curves in all the right places.” 

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