Well that’s another Christmas over and another year I’ve eaten to excess and made myself feel ill! 🤦‍♂️

I feel vile but I have drawn a line in the sand and I am fully ready to be back on it tomorrow. It’s really not long until the big 3-0 so I need to stop messing around and knuckle down to get these stones off once and for all.

My initial goal is “stone off January.” Although before that I need to damage control this week to get as much off as I can by Saturday’s weigh in!

I haven’t been able to weigh in for a few weeks for various reasons and have given it a lot of thought. I know I need a weekly weigh in otherwise I fall off the wagon way too easily. I feel I have given flex a fair trial and concluded it isn’t for me. I am gutted as I was ticking along nicely on smart points. I know I can lose weight doing flex but I am already finding the free foods boring so not always reaching for them first. I therefore have decided to join Slimming World on Saturday morning. I love SW and owe a lot to it for saving me this last pregnancy and not gaining anywhere near as much weight as I could have. So my account and diary will focus a bit more on SW terminology but I intend to still cook WW meals too as to be honest the diets are similar!

One of my favourite bloggers MrsMummyWright said the other day, she knows she will have put on a lot this festive period but can’t wait for weigh in tomorrow. You might find this odd as no one enjoys the gain. I totally get where she is coming from though as it draws a line in the sand, writes it all off and it means for the first weigh in in January, she will have a big loss. It will feel so amazing if I can start the year off with a really decent loss. It doesn’t really matter if it is still damage control as it starts the year off on the best footing!


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