40ABCE52-76C2-4235-9E79-1A2823D91CB7I really enjoyed my PT yesterday morning  and took the plunge and fully joined the gym to ramp up my exercise from January. 3 pre 7am workouts per week. 🏋️‍♂️ Looking forward to it in a weird way! Why not be the best version of yourself?

i can really feel it in my legs today. Stepping on and off the box (that I wasn’t even sure I could step on at all at first? It seemed so high up 😂) was fun! Kellie is literally the best trainer ever and I really appreciate the journal she gave me for Christmas (threenager insisted we opened it when I got home 😂.) Such a good idea to write down exercises you’ve enjoyed, plans and fitness goals. I can’t wait to fill some goals in and get ready to smash them in 2018.

Food wise I am having good and bad but not completely off the rails and maintaining so I am happy to keep this going but then be fully angelic from 27th!

Frozen has temporarily been replaced by snow while after my little boy saw the panto. Thank goodness as I think I could speak all the parts of frozen 🙈.





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