how many sleeps?

Does anyone else feel like their head is swimming? I feel like I have loads to do but not entirely sure what? Certainly wrapped a fair amount so don’t think anyone has been forgotten. We don’t have to cook at all this year so it’s weird to bypass the dreaded Christmas shop or heavily substituted delivery!

I have really struggled this week to know what I fancy to eat. My usual chicken and stir fry or similar lunches seem to not quite pack the usual punch. I’m not even particularly craving bad food just not sure what 😂? I guess it’s time to do some research and try some new meals and ideas.

I haven’t had a chance to do any Joe Wicks this week but I have my PT Thursday morning so look forward to that. Might try and sneak in another gym session between then and Christmas so I can limit the damage as much as possible. I’m going to try and take the approach of eat whatever meal wise but avoid the chocolate and crisp based snacks. It’s so easy to tuck into one of the tubs of chocolates and before you know it you’ve had a meal worth of calories without even sweating or sweeting if you will! 😂

So another day to make count to ease myself into the 2018 hardcore slog!


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