Let’s smash this

4E05249D-0C2D-4E2E-B8E7-43BAC92E5BD2I’m ready to make this last week count. I’m feeling more human and motivated and pumped. After my PT on Thursday morning I am joining the gym eeek! Maybe the only mental person to join 3 days before Christmas but there you go! I love my PT sessions and love going at the crack of dawn so can’t wait to get in a good habit of working out before George goes to work.

I am a big fan of Etsy and last year got a fantastic print that sits on my bedside table. Her books opened again recently so I had a custom one done to help with my weight loss journey , photo of it above 😂. It’s called vicious prints on Etsy.

I had a pretty good weekend food wise so the scales have just about got rid of last weeks stodge already. Winner! As I know all too well, nothing tastes as good as being slim feels. I also sat down and worked out weeks until big things next year to motivate me into action. I love doing things like that and seeing it all down on paper and how much I’d need to lose per week.

We have totally got this Monday 😍.


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