Urgh we are fully the house of germs and nasty colds. I long for the days of going to bed all day when feeling rough 😂. It has meant I have eaten some convenience food over wise choices and feel flabby and disgusting. Today is a new day though so I have woken up and taken back control.

ham and spinach omelette for breakfast and prawn pasta for lunch. Tea will include loads of vegetables in an attempt to healthy eat my way out of this rotten cold.

I love nothing more than scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and looking at people in before and after shots. Some are so inspirational, reaching goal at this time of year and literally shifting 6 odd stone this year. How amazing! I start to feel really bad and guilty that I’m not putting more effort in.

Realistically though I was never going to be at goal for Christmas. I am over two stone lighter this Christmas than Christmas 2014 after I had given birth to my first born so I will take that for now. 2018 will so be my year, got so much to look forward to and I refuse to be fat for any of it!


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