Epsom salts

I have talked about epsom salts before but I really can’t recommend them enough after a hard day. Especially when you have been physically tense. I have a bad habit of driving really tensed up at night. Think it’s because I have to wear my glasses and just generally feel a bit weird so can feel my body tense from my hands on the wheel right down to my feet. A good hot bath with salts and I feel so much more relaxed, it’s brilliant.

I am being half good on the diet. I know I could be a lot better but with two poorly kids and a rotten cold myself, I’ve let some excuses creep in. I am trying my best to just make it the odd meal and odd snack off plan though which does seem to be keeping the scales fairly consistent. I can have a really good week next week again which would give me a really good little boost ready for Christmas. I also want to get straight back to being good on the 27th December so need to do some planning so I can get the right food in and not just pick at naughty bits because it’s Christmas! Little Kardashian thinspiration in the hairdressers yesterday 😂.


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