Illness everywhere

This time of year is the worst for children being poorly. We literally get over one cold and fall into the next one. Aaaah! It has meant I haven’t been as active as I would have liked but my food has generally been on plan so at least I’m in control of something. (The twirls were not on plan however 🙈)

I feel so much better when I cut carbs. I think you need a certain level of carb in your diet but personally it just bloats me up and makes me feel lethargic. So this week I am trying to avoid carbs in my evening meal completely so I don’t go to bed with lots of stodge inside me. Lunch has normally been low carb too but more because it’s what’s in, butternut squaffles and heck chicken sausages are fab as you just stick both in the oven for 20 mins or so. I’m a massive steak fan too which is when I put my slimming world hat on over weight watchers. A lean steak from the butchers with green veg feels like such a midweek treat.

So not too much excitement to blog about but plodding along nicely!

Toys, toys bloody everywhere 🙈.

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