I love starting fresh on a Monday. I dread to think how many Monday’s I’ve started again on, eeek.  I’m fully into my speed and protein day though with eggs and bacon for breakfast and chicken and ham concoction for lunch. Meat and lots of veg for tea and I know I will feel better in the morning already. 

I think it’s time for another calculation. We have 2 weeks today until Christmas. This week I have one meal out Friday night which will include drinks. So counting both meals I’ve had so far today, this week until Monday is 20/21 meals that can be on plan. Next week I am off plan Friday night and Saturday night so that’s 19/21. When you see it on paper, your stupid excuses for why you can’t lose weight at Christmas seem rediculous right? I am in an unfortunate weigh day position as I will more than likely be heavy Saturday morning with all the drink inside me 🙈. Still, perhaps I can sneak a Friday morning weigh the next couple of weeks. Literally anything to keep me on track and focused and avoiding any excuses Linda comes up with.

Dreaded jabs this morning so perhaps in for a rough couple of days and the three year old is full of cold again. We had 3 good days between haha! Stupid time of year! I fancy giving the Joe Wicks dvd a whirl later so I will report back on how I get on. Coordination isn’t always my strong point!

Come on lean week, I’ve totally got this and can feel more fabulous on Friday night at the work’s party. 💪💪💃💃

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