Positive vibes only

I’m prepared for a hard grueling week of food optimising! I’ve had a look through both books and can do a diet similar to both now with the ww changes so I have the slimming world magazine for some recipes too now. I’ve written a plan for the week and plan to have 3 full SP days. (Low carb). I feel flat, fat and flabby after this weekend so am actually looking forward to being good again this week.

I think it’s really hard after having a baby as you seem to prepare for everything baby wise but don’t necessarily consider yourself. It takes 9 months to grow and nurture the baby inside your amazing body yet a few weeks after birth, looking at the empty “house” on the front of your body fills you with dread and insecurities. I don’t feel an external  pressure to lose weight thankfully, it’s all internal but it can be hard to compare yourself to famous mums. I love reading posts  by Giovanna and others who keep it real. I am so grateful to have surrounded myself with such uplifting gorgeous ladies and felt so much love for my blue dress picture. We should always pull women up not drag them down as it’s so hard at times so I am fully feeling the love thank you! We are all in this together and I am so happy to have some new mum friends and some old friends who are there through thick and thin.

Sadly my good week will probably only undo the bad weekend, AGAIN 😂. I swear I will become a hermit in January and shift a good chunk of the chub 😂.

(Obligatory snow picture.)

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