Life doesn’t have to revolve around food!

My blog seems to be doing the trick and keeping me in check which is fabulous. My public declaration of 10,000 steps a day is a prime example of this as I can’t let you all down. (Insert laughy cry face here a few times if you will.)

For some 10,000 is a really easy target but in my postpartum flab I am finding it a struggle. I am somewhat jealous of my friends who knock it out by lunch time by just “pottering at home.” My pottering must be too minimalist and unenthusiastic in its forward trajectory. Story of my life.

Anyway back to the point, I’ve found myself having to “top up” my steps by either pacing around the living room (arms swinging to make sure every single step is registered) or by taking myself off on extra walks. Last night I took my first-born on his balance bike and the two dogs somewhere the dogs can run free, just to get my steps up to the mark.

The walk tipped me over the 10,000 but also made me grin from ear to ear. The road was lined with the deepest puddles you have ever seen so naturally the bike was angled through each one. As he lined himself up each time he was laughing such an infectious laugh it felt like a movie moment where time stands still, slow motion is queued and an uplifting, piano heavy score fades in. I live for moments like that when you look at your child and forget the inconvenience of his mud soaked trousers and soggy socks. You simultaneously want to laugh at the hilarity but also cry because you know their childhood will be over before you know it. You so desperately want to capture the moment and how it made you feel and store it in your memory right next to their amazing head smell. The unmummsy mum refers to a hurty heart which is just perfect. Anyway before I turn full Beverley Goldberg, it got my thinking that in my quest for more steps, I was avoiding the fridge and finding enjoyment elsewhere. Afterall food is fuel!

Fitness plan: 10,000 steps daily and a 15 minute run if time after group!

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