Self love and finding your identity again

Grab a cuppa, it’s a long one!

Having tiny humans literally is amazing but it can’t half mess with your mental health. Weight watchers have incorporated mindfulness into their diet with a book specifically about it which is really refreshing.

Mindfulness goes hand in hand with a diet and as we all know, if your head isn’t in it, you will self sabotage fairly early on and strongly claim the diet doesn’t work to anyone who will listen.

Isn’t it stupid that when you feel down about your size and weight, you eat to feel better? After baby number one I was huge, I looked like I had eaten my former self which made the first few months so hard to enjoy. All I could think about was my size every moment of the day which had a big impact on bonding and inevitably helped postnatal depression loom in the background. I would dread seeing someone I knew for fear of what they would think of my colossal size.

I am currently two stone lighter after baby number two and deliberately armed myself with tools to keep the blues at bay so I can enjoy it all so much more. I can’t help but notice the correlation; my mental health is in a good place, so the diet is working and I’m exercising.

So what can we do to help our mental health and in turn help the diet? I’m no expert but this works for me:

1. Get out the house. As much as you want to sit in your dressing gown with Ray Donovan on repeat, get the tiny humans out, preferably in the pram for some exercise and preferably outdoors. A brisk walk amongst the trees always makes me feel better and at one with myself and nature. This time of year especially can clear the cobwebs and nature can be so restorative.

2. Eat green and lean. The less rubbish you put in “the bin above your chin” (founder of weight watchers favourite saying) the better.

3. Take some time. Ok so this one can be really hard with a newborn but you need time out. I even consider a solo trip to the supermarket to count. Time alone with your husband is even better. (Thank you mum and siblings for babysitting duties!)

4. Talk, talk and more talking. I don’t see a therapist now but think it’s a shame we can’t all see one regularly! A cuppa with a friend while the tiny humans run wild will do the trick though!

5. Don’t be afraid to be a bit hippy dippy. Find a tea you like with calming properties, join a yoga class, start a blog (!), walk on the grass barefoot and consider placenta encapsulation in your next pregnancy! It’s amazing!

Finally and perhaps most importantly :

6. Buy nice clothes in your current size, splash out on make up if the budget allows and get dressed up and made up as often as possible. As I’ve said before, you have to learn to love yourself now to succeed. If you feel good in your clothes it will give you a spring in your step. We have an amazing seamstress in town who takes clothes in at a reasonable price so it doesn’t have to be a waste of money and you can keep your favourite items, just smaller!

Fitness: 10,000 achieved, fitness dvd to be done tonight! Lo-dough review coming up!

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