I really enjoy sitting down with a cuppa, spreading cook books and weight watchers magazines out and making a weekly food plan. If I plan meals well enough with quick recipes on busy evenings, I can avoid the dreaded take away conversation and replace it with a fake-away. It also gives me an idea of point allowance for breakfast and lunch if I know in advance what tea will be. (Not that I am the cook!)

Now it’s getting colder I am so excited for lots of stews and soups. Salads don’t cut the mustard for me in winter, so the slow cooker will make its debut this week. Low smart point recipes are really easy in stew form and it’s great to know tea is cooking away while you do the bedtime routine.

I’m also grateful I don’t like coffee at this time of year as the local Starbucks has a sign for pumpkin latte and other crazily high pointed coffees. I was happy with my breakfast tea today with skimmed milk, even leaving my toddlers half eaten (dry of spit and snot) marble cake. Fully in the zone which feels fantastic!

Fitness plan this week- a 15 minute run in my gym sessions, postnatal fitness DVD and at least 10,000 steps a day.

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