Target on the scales and beyond

At the start of a long journey, the end goal can seem so far away, it’s easy to see it as an impossibility. As my wise mother always says though “the weeks will go by anyway so why not keep plugging away.”

This time I have decided to keep focused on smaller goals. I have my ultimate goal but will celebrate each half a stone and each new stone bracket.

My leader always used to say “your body doesn’t know you come to get weighed once a week.” I really try to let that resonate when the scales don’t reflect the hard work, effort and sacrifice that week. It always does balance out in the end if you stay honest to the diet so it’s worth remembering it took time to gain the weight so naturally will take time to come off.

Non scale victories are also just as important, after all that is what people see, your weight thankfully isn’t projected above your head. Every new dress size, looser jewellery, inch lost and roomier seat proove it’s all worth it.

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