Last night was somewhat off the diet plan as I went out for my wedding anniversary. We picked the Mad Turk at Stamford and I fully used my weekly allowance with weight watchers to relax a little. There is a high possibility I went over my points but the food was sensational and somewhat diet friendly if eaten in smaller quantities; grilled meats, rice, bulgur wheat and salad etc.

I am straight back to counting smart points this morning to make sure it’s 1 meal out of 21 that’s over points this week. It’s so easy to self sabotage after a relaxed meal and keep pushing back the start of being good again. Not today though, a brisk walk through Stamford, the healthiest breakfast on the menu at the hotel and some food planning for the rest of today.

Exercise plan: After relaxed yoga yesterday I think I will attempt Jillian Michael’s postnatal DVD this evening.

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