Daily weigh and lo-dough

Most weight loss groups advise against weighing yourself at home, after all what are you paying them for? I have always weighed myself everyday though and can’t break the habit. It can be disheartening as I often find I drop, for example, 2lb by about Thursday and this can reduce to .5lb by the time of weigh in. It also takes away the surprise element of a big loss which feels amazing at group. Overall though it keeps me in check and I wake up excited to see the results of a day 100 percent on plan the day before!

My new smart scales (thank you Amazon daily deals) are fueling the habit as they detail fat, bone, bmi, muscle and a whole host of other things. The information is bluetoothed to an app and saved in graphs so you can track your progress. It might be a gimic but whatever keeps you motivated!

I have ordered some lo-dough after seeing some of my favourite Slimming World bloggers talking about it. It’s 39 calories and just 1 Weight Watchers smart point for a round disc that can be a wrap, a pizza base or whatever you want it to be. It’s pricey (roughly £2 per wrap, bought in a pack direct from lo-dough £28) but cheaper than a domino’ s and can be kept for up to 3 months so perhaps a Saturday night pizza treat every now and again. I will review when it arrives!

I ran for 10 minutes in a row yesterday, extremely slowly, within my gym workout. I am confident I can increase by 5 every week to a level and then work on increasing my speed! No matter how slow though, I’m lapping the old me on the couch!

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