To substitute or not

I have been wondering if it is best on a diet to find low point alternatives to your favourite treat foods or go full cold turkey, literally, and eat green and lean?

I figured maybe it is best to experiment with both options and see the difference on the scales and my sanity. After all the latest weight watchers advert boasts nothing is off the menu. So this week I will enjoy low calorie treats such as croissants, booja booja ice cream, frozen chocolate yoghurt and rich toffee bars from group. I will avoid temptation to eat all said treats in one go.

I had my weekly shop from Waitrose delivery instead of Sainsbury’s this week (got some £20 off vouchers, not won the lottery) and I’ve been amazed at some of the diet friendly food. Their “love life” range is expansive and seems to list the weight watcher smart point value on the back! I will do a roundup of my favourite purchases later in the week.

I forgot to give the lo-down on the lo-dough. We made pizzas earlier in the week with it and I’ve also had it as a wrap. It’s weird stuff, literally nothing to it it’s so light and airy. It did prove to be a good base for pizza though especially when you consider it’s only 1 smart point. Naturally I had it with butternut chips and it felt like a treat tea. It was better as a pizza as on its own in wrap from it is a little salty but I still found it relatively edible. A normal wrap is a lot thinner and 4 smart points so the saving is a lot! I think if it’s something with a sauce it’s worth it for the point saving!

Exercise plan: still doing 10,000. The carpets will be worn soon with my evening “oh no I have 4000 steps to do before bed.” Today is postnatal yoga for some calm zen. Will do the new fitness dvd over weekend too. Happy Friday!

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