A short snappy Saturday post in my slightly hungover haze. Does a countdown help or hinder?

Thinking back to all the diets I’ve done, I can only think of one time when a countdown did force me into action. Normally if I know I only have a certain amount of days until an event I self sabotage as I think “oh well it’s not long enough to make a difference” or the classic “I’ll just get *insertevent* out of the way and then I will diet.” It’s a stupid idea as inevitably that just means I start the diet at least half a stone heavier!

So I am going to have little and big countdowns and set myself some mini targets. I figure even if I don’t make it, I will be a lot closer to goal than if I let the excuses rule the roost!

Exercise: I need a lot of steps to burn off all the prosecco 😂. It was just drink off plan though so I am hoping to redeem myself today. Fabulous make up party so worth the slip.

I’m also having some zen moments with my diffuser as much as I can. Women’s balance is so lovely and seems to send calming vibes to the tiny humans.

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