I didn’t track yesterday and have full guilt this morning as I know I went over my points. So today every bite I will write! No excuses, I was busy but could have easily tracked. On the plus side we did have a take away as it was 9pm by the time the tiny humans were settled. I had chicken tikka pieces on their own with salad and toasted my own pitta at home. It felt good to be able to join in!

It’s got me thinking about America that’s ever looming. 2 weeks could do some serious damage so I am going to spend some time researching some American foods to look out for in the supermarket and research groups. From what I gather there are weight watcher shops that host the meetings at specific times but also sell products etc. Exciting! I am really determined to come back lighter. It’s never happened on a holiday before so would be really fantastic to not have gone backwards in my journey.

The 10,000 steps seem to be getting easier, I’m finding less pacing occurring in the evenings so this week I might add in 1000 to test the water.

Side note, Lincoln with a wide pram is no fun when a big event like pride is on. Must check before leaving next time that nothing major happening 😂

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