Mind mapping

During the short amount of therapy I had, we used mind mapping to really get to the nitty gritty of what was causing my anxiety. I found it to be such a positive experience and it really felt like a weight had been lifted, emptying my mind onto the page and linking thought processes. It’s an amazing tool to use if you are a worrier as it’s an easy way to get prospective.

I’ve since used the technique quite a lot, not necessarily for anxiety but just generally for anything. It got me thinking that it might be a useful tool to use in my weight loss journey so I put it all down on paper and prioritised the points, adding shoots on how it can be achieved. It’s interesting to work out what is the most important point and I’ve concluded:

Reaching mini goals and and setting countdowns came out top joint with non scale victories. So I will celebrate lots of milestones on and off the scales. This will be broken down to small goals so I am always feeling positive as I’m never too far from the next goal.

Drinking more water came in joint second with tracking. I concluded I need to track to keep on track but also want a record to look back on so I can recreate weeks with epic losses etc. Water and tea will help flush the toxins and fill me up to avoid unnecessary snacking.

Exercise and my American holiday came in joint third. I want to build my fitness week on week and want to lose weight during the holiday. I think exercise will help during the journey but more importantly keep me at goal so it’s really important to build it now.

Finally planning meals and trying new foods came in fourth alongside putting steps in place to ensure I reach my goals. Although on reflection maybe this should be higher on the list!

All points link together like roads on a map. Hey if nothing else it kept me busy for half an hour so out the fridge during the evening.

Give it a Google as it can really help destress if something is worrying you.

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