I had a bad day yesterday. No excuses are good enough to justify it, I just kept finding myself biting without writing so I’ve literally no idea how many points I had in the end. I also failed for the first day in my step challenge so feel rubbish!

Anyway onwards and upwards. Steps to rectify: I ordered a swish food diary from retrofromscratch so I can physically write all the bites. I’m not always with my phone so I figured I’d keep this next to the fridge (Yes a piece of paper could have done the job husband.) I also plan to make up my missing steps today so 15,000 I’m coming for you!

It really shouldn’t be difficult yet for some reason this whole losing weight malarkey is. I read a great quote on Instagram that said “losing weight is hard, being fat is hard, choose your hard.” Well I choose losing weight!

I also read it was 13 weeks until Christmas Day yesterday. That’s a decent amount of time to see a difference, feel better and drop a dress size so game on, who’s with me?

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