I really enjoy sitting down with a cuppa, spreading cook books and weight watchers magazines out and making a weekly food plan. If I plan meals well enough with quick recipes on busy evenings, I can avoid the dreaded take away conversation and replace it with a fake-away. It also gives me an idea of […]

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Last night was somewhat off the diet plan as I went out for my wedding anniversary. We picked the Mad Turk at Stamford and I fully used my weekly allowance with weight watchers to relax a little. There is a high possibility I went over my points but the food was sensational and somewhat diet […]

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Daily weigh and lo-dough

Most weight loss groups advise against weighing yourself at home, after all what are you paying them for? I have always weighed myself everyday though and can’t break the habit. It can be disheartening as I often find I drop, for example, 2lb by about Thursday and this can reduce to .5lb by the time […]

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Overnight oats

Group was great last night, feeling extremely motivated! Breakfast today was overnight oats. I make mine with Quaker oats (the one in the pouch but original flavour), total 0% yoghurt, a dash of water and a teaspoon of sweet freedom fruit syrup. It is 7 smart points and keeps me full until lunch. In a […]

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M&S is really great for low smart point products. Last night’s tea really felt like a treat tea. Two skinny burgers (2 sp) with a pitta (4sp) and butternut chips! Came in at 8 smart points, which is a really low tea! (I get 30 points a day.) They also do amazing personal sized wood […]

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Butternut squash

My new obsession is butternut squash. It’s so versatile, really good for you and a great alternative to potato. Last night I had Italian stew with chunks of butternut done in the actifry alone, delicious! On weight watchers it is a free vegetable so you don’t have to point it unlike potato/sweet potato. Today’s fitness […]

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Fresh start and goal setting

There is something about September for cracking on with a diet. Routines are back in place, the air has a nip in it and the dreaded Christmas dress looms in the back of one’s mind. I am under no illusion that I will be at goal for Christmas. Instead I have decided to set myself […]

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