Fresh start and goal setting

There is something about September for cracking on with a diet. Routines are back in place, the air has a nip in it and the dreaded Christmas dress looms in the back of one’s mind.

I am under no illusion that I will be at goal for Christmas. Instead I have decided to set myself some mini goals to keep me focused and on track for the man with the white beard.

1. ADD an extra five minutes to my run every week. This will be tough given my fitness levels to begin with but achievable. (I hope!)

2.Drop a dress size.

3. Stop resembling fat Monica from friends when I accidentally open the front facing camera on my phone.

4. Increase my water intake to 3 l.

5. Take it 7 lb at a time.

Exercise today: children will be bundled into the big off road pram and dogs will be walked a long way!

Ailsa x

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