M&S is really great for low smart point products. Last night’s tea really felt like a treat tea. Two skinny burgers (2 sp) with a pitta (4sp) and butternut chips! Came in at 8 smart points, which is a really low tea! (I get 30 points a day.)

They also do amazing personal sized wood fired pizza that come in at 12 SP. There is something about a whole pizza that seems more satisfying somehow. With a side salad I felt positively spoilt!

I have really been enjoying crumpets for breakfast and m&s buttermilk pikelets are only 1 smart point each so with some fruit, really low points!

I rejoin group tonight with the amazing Helen Webster and literally can’t wait. I’ve enjoyed Slimming World whilst pregnant but personally love Weight Watchers. I prefer the app, products you can buy, I need portion control and much prefer the leader and talk after. I come away full of motivation whereas find the Slimming World talk way too long and not so much about tools and techniques. Each to their own though and would recommend both diets and have had success with both.

Exercise plan: I walked so far yesterday my legs felt like they might fall off so I am having today off other than the usual toddler chasing.

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